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Mission : Possible - People vs Covid-19

24th Mar 2020

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Let’s help our front-line NHS staff in their heroic efforts.  Over the coming months, social distancing/self isolating will be a challenge bringing it’s own heroic efforts, but we all have a part to play in beating the Covid-19 threat. 

We must focus on our Risk Assessing ability.  It is commonly used as an example that we Risk Assess every time we cross a road, so we are all Risk Assessors, well at least from the age of 5 years old.  Although until our prefrontal cortex fully forms at about age 25,  our perception of risk may be a little off.

Whilst in lock down at home, many will take to DIY and Gardening, this is a plea to properly Risk Assess the tasks being undertaken, especially when using ladders, power tools etc.  Think twice about whether the task needs doing and if its unavoidable, take extra precautions and care.

When out an about and driving on those essential errands, concentrate more fully on the task of driving, which admittedly is more difficult when our minds are elsewhere worrying about loved ones.  Don't take any unnecessary risks just to get to the destination 5 minutes earlier, how often do people carry out risky overtaking manoeuvres just to meet up at the next set of lights.

In short, think of the strain already on those on the front line in the NHS, and then consider the additional unnecessary strain your trip to the A&E will cause.